Introduction to CIPR Marcomms

When the public relations profession itself struggles to agree on a definition for PR, one might ask what chance does marketing communications (marcomms) stand?

At face value, it’s a world in which the disciplines of marketing and communications collide, converge or integrate (take your pick). Not so simplistically, it can involve the whole panoply of multi-channel PR now at our disposal to drive and reinforce brand consciousness in the pursuit of successful outcomes.

So who are we? Well, many of our practitioners have overlapping responsibilities in marcomms while perhaps focusing more specifically on one particular area. This could be advertising or direct marketing or customer relations or media messaging or the creation of printed or online collateral, for example. Some have overarching management of an ever-increasing ‘mix’ made possible by the digital landscape. And some will operate within a broader, strategic context that goes beyond product/service-related to embrace corporate considerations. Think organisational branding, issues, risks and reputation, for example.

If this still doesn’t sound like you, then I should add that others join the CIPR Marcomms Group purely out of professional interest. There doesn’t have to be a reason. There is no one typical profile. You’re all welcome.

With such a diverse membership, this precludes the need to hone in on common ground and seek to offer timely and on-agenda debate. Members’ opinions are important in shaping our agenda for professional development and dialogue. Please join in the discussion on social media – you can access the links on this page.

We’re always interested in welcoming fresh views and commitment. So please keep a lookout during the year for opportunities to join the committee.

Media Measurement Made Simple, 26th September 2017, Central London London

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With this timely seminar, the CIPR Marcomms Group is supporting AMEC’s MeasurementMonth, featuring a selection of top speakers with an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience.  Our early evening event at the CIPR HQ in London will include talks from Richard Bagnall, AMEC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PRIME Research (UK).

Richard will present Amec’s position on Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) which has long been the subject of intense criticism , and look at the alternative for the PR industry to ensure that we all speak with a unified voice and have a common measurement tool. His presentation will show how the future will look for PR practitioners looking to measure across all business areas.

Richard will be joined by Giles Peddy, Group Managing Director, Lewis, Gerry Ward, Managing Director, Press Data and Stuart Bruce FCIPR, Leader CIPR Task and Finish Measurement and Evaluation Group, who will all show how measurement needs to evolve to reflect PR’s changing need in an integrated marketing world.

Drinks and nibbles will be provided, as well as time for networking. Fees start at £20 + VAT for Marcomms members.

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