Introduction to CIPR Marcomms

When the public relations profession itself struggles to agree on a definition for PR, one might ask what chance does marketing communications (marcomms) stand?

At face value, it’s a world in which the disciplines of marketing and communications collide, converge or integrate (take your pick). Not so simplistically, it can involve the whole panoply of multi-channel PR now at our disposal to drive and reinforce brand consciousness in the pursuit of successful outcomes.

So who are we? Well, many of our practitioners have overlapping responsibilities in marcomms while perhaps focusing more specifically on one particular area. This could be advertising or direct marketing or customer relations or media messaging or the creation of printed or online collateral, for example. Some have overarching management of an ever-increasing ‘mix’ made possible by the digital landscape. And some will operate within a broader, strategic context that goes beyond product/service-related to embrace corporate considerations. Think organisational branding, issues, risks and reputation, for example.

If this still doesn’t sound like you, then I should add that others join the CIPR Marcomms Group purely out of professional interest. There doesn’t have to be a reason. There is no one typical profile. You’re all welcome.

With such a diverse membership, this precludes the need to hone in on common ground and seek to offer timely and on-agenda debate. Members’ opinions are important in shaping our agenda for professional development and dialogue. Please join in the discussion on social media – you can access the links on this page.

We’re always interested in welcoming fresh views and commitment. So please keep a lookout during the year for opportunities to join the committee.

Applying nudge theory, 24th May 2017, Central London London

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‘Nudge’ theory is being used by all kinds of organisations for Marcomms, employee relations and social marketing so we’re not surprised that our 24 May event on this topic is selling fast.

Three speakers will be sharing their case studies and tools on how to apply the principles of this science for shaping strategy and influencing behaviour.

Our speakers are from:

23red – an integrated creative communications agency known for its high profile work with Public Health England, NHS Blood and Transplant and Network Rail. This agency’s approach is centred around ‘Do. Feel. Think.’ and is driven by evidence that getting someone to do something with or for a brand or issue is not only easier but has the power to change attitudes instantly.

Professor Jeff French from Strategic Social Marketing Ltd – who has worked with Purina as well as governments in the UK and abroad on campaigns for HIV prevention, transport, disease control and obesity prevention. He will have just returned from the World Social Marketing Conference in Washington.

Matt Battersby from H+K Smarter, whose agency’s work has ‘nudged’ people to recycle more and apply for job adverts as well as reducing unnecessary prescriptions of antibiotics and increasing content marketing click-through rates.

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There will be time for networking over drinks and finger food.

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